The Beşparmak Trail, also known as The Kyrenia Mountain Trail, is the official long walking trail of Northern Cyprus. On the Beşparmak Trail you will be able to explore North Cyprus in a really unique way as you walk a total of 260 km in 18 stages from Cape Koruçam (Cape Kormakitis) on the west coast to Cape Zafer on the very tip of the Karpaz Peninsula in the north-east of the island. The first two stages are Cape Kormakitis – Kormacit and Kormacit – Lapta. You will walk along the spine of the mountains and enjoy breath-taking views right across Cyprus and the Mediterranean. You will enjoy something different around every turn you take – unique landscapes, stunning crusader castles,  secret hidden chapels,  and beautiful Mediterranean nature and wildlife. Along the way, you will also experience the renowned Cypriot hospitality and see traditional Cypriot culture as you pass through quaint rural villages.

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Kyrenia - Walking - Kyrenia Rock

Kyrenia - Walking - Besparmak (3)


West Coast - walking - Kormacit cape 2